Saturday, 16 October 2010

Newton and the Fierce Apples

This will appear to be a very random post - well it is a very random post, but there is a reason.
I was reading this post on Wednesday from Fuzzy Tales, and was wondering if lovely Derry the cat was playing with a real or pretend banana (sorry this will only make sense if you look at it). Now this might seem like a ridiculous question to ask - what cat would wrestle with a real banana? Except cats can be a bit odd sometimes. It turns out Derry had a catnip toy banana which must have been great fun, but the reason I was entertaining the idea of it being real was this video I took last year of Newton who I happened upon while he was defending himself against these very dangerous Bramleys. So this is specially for Kim:

We'll see if Archie takes a liking to attacking any other kind of fruit.


  1. Oh my goodness, I burst out laughing at that! I confess I've never seen a cat bunny kicking a bag of real apples before. What a character Newton was!

    Yes, do let us know if Archie develops a preference for real fruit. LOL!

  2. Lovely to have clips of video to remember him by xx

  3. A lovely post, wonderful to see that you captured such a joyful moment!
    Newton looks so sweet, and seems to enjoy kicking that bag- Chocolate does that too, but my other cats don't.
    Lovely post, and I'm sure Archie will love fighting against dangerous fruit!

  4. Who knew that Apples could be so vishus!?

    Sweet Pea attacks strawberry tops and aspargus, but never to Newton's level!

  5. Very funny, he certainly had it in for those apples!. Wonder if Archie has an apple fetish too!

    Pepe is scared to death of our open fire when its going. She creeps into the lounge just like there's a roaring monster in there. She spent all afternoon hiding under the bed just in case the fire crept up the stairs and got her! Silly cat or what!


  6. How sweet and funny Archie. Lovely action to remember.


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